New trends in Decor at Social / Wedding Events

– Prominent learning from each panelist (4-5 panelists in each knowledge exchange session) on their personal / company’s experience with exquisite decor projects. – The power of collaboration and how this upcoming trend can be used to the best advantage of the project. – New trends in decor. Each panelist to share their own learning… Read more »

Integrating Entertainment in a Social / Wedding event

– New trends in Entertainment at high-end / exclusive social events (personalisation / relevance to couple / hosts) – The challenges involved in celebrity entertainment engagement at social events. Learning on how to better prepare / find a solution to such challenges. – The importance of integration of Entertainment in a social event, and when… Read more »

The Importance of F&B Design at a Social / Wedding event

– New trends in F&B at high-end / exclusive social events (newer formats, presentation styles, cuisines) – The challenges involved in maintaining client’s priorities while evolving in accordance to latest trends – The importance of integration of F&B in the over-all concept for the event. – Importance of working in a collaborative manner: caterer/s, planner… Read more »

The Four key elements involved in managing a Successful Destination Wedding

The importance of local support to meet vision and make the most of what the destination has to offer. – Integrate the Destination into the celebrations. – Select the right local partners in a Destination. – Leverage the strength of local expertise and sourcing. – Working in collaboration across geographical borders.