Breaking Down the Concept of Effective Digital Integration

The workshop will demystify the hype around the buzzword ‘digital integration’ and elucidate on what actually makes a difference to the digital natives of today. A quick overview on why depth always matters more than breadth of your experience and how to go about creating honest immersive experiences because it is all about marketing in… Read more »

Exploring the Nuances of Temporary Event Infrastructure

Even today most event planners when given a choice prefer having their event indoors then outdoors. Mostly, because their trust factor in temporary event infrastructure is shaky. The workshop aims to bust all myths about the challenges of working with temporary infrastructure and outline details of how event managers can use these to their advantage.

“INNOVATION”- Printing On Sustainable Eco Friendly Sun-fabric

One of the most important requirements of any event is branding which today majorly involves using flexes and vinyl. The workshop brings the industry’s attention to Eco-Friendly Sun Fabric which is biodegradable in nature and is aimed at explaining its nuances. With Big Government Events like Indo Africa Summit in Delhi 2015, Marine Show in… Read more »

Panel Discussion: Event Technology: ROI, Fun or Tectonic Shift!

The Internet, Big Data & Technological advancements are quite literally changing human behaviour as we know it. Businesses are evolving rapidly in response to the ever changing new World order. Meetings & Events naturally have to respond. You would like to be a part of the discussion if you buy or sell or are interested… Read more »

Best Sound comes from One Source – L-Acoustics

A walk-through the different techniques and latest technologies used in creating a spectacular video display for your next event. The workshop will also highlight the convergence of technologies and how to create a visual sensation and involve the compelling case study of the largest building mapping project done in India in Jodhpur.