The Experiential Dictate for Auto Brands

3 commandments to guarantee customer loyalty through engagement

If your experience strategy does not feature these three key components, you can rest assured your auto brand has not a single loyal customer! Auto-industry Experiential Expert, John Tulloch will explain why?

Global Account Director and Sr. VP, George P Johnson Experience Marketing, John brings with him 35 years of experience, with a special expertise working with every kind of automobile brand across the globe!

Panel Discussion: How are auto-brands creating differentiation amongst close competitors, thus winning customer loyalty?

– What are the efforts specifically to engage audiences that belong uniquely to your brand and cannot be replicated by your closest competitor?
– In the international markets (UK and USA, since they are most evolved) auto-brands have adopted certain experiential strategies, where are brands in the Indian market, as far as such evolutions go?
– What are the biggest challenges for an automobile brand to win customer loyalty through engagement? How can these be overcome?