Experience as a tool for Nation Building

In the past decade we have seen a complete swing in the brand equity of India – from negative to positive. With the advent of PM Narendra Modi – a master of harnessing the power of experience, from the creation of events like Vibrant Gujarat; supporting infrastructure projects like Mahatma Mandir, Ahmedabad; the memorable Holographic Projection during his election campaign; or even the micro outreach effort like ‘Chai pe Charcha’. He has mastered every format of experiential – mega to micro.

– The Nation is now awakening to the power of experience with investment summits, cultural festivals, tourism fairs and trade shows.
– The past two years have also broken the myth – that treading the Government path is fraught with corruption. There is a transparency and a respect for professionalism and award on merit.
– The onus and responsibility in now on the experiential industry to partner in Nation building, with the unique opportunity to create their own legacy!