Analysis and Findings of the First-Ever ‘Future Trends in Experiential Marketing’ Survey

If you’re wondering how much ExM budget for the most happening brands in India and around the globe, are going to be affected in the near future; how the use of digital platforms will evolve; or what the role of technology in future engagements will be? Think no further, for the top marketers themselves, will reveal these.

This session will feature the outcomes of EVENTFAQS and CS Direkt’s ‘Future Tends in ExM’ survey into the prevalence of experiential marketing amongst your peers. However, instead of broadcasting the outcomes, they will be communicated in unexpected ways and then elaborated by the audience itself. This specially designed session is a unique example of the innovative formats developed by the meeting designers of MindMeeting from the Netherlands. Together with their Indian partners of SEES they will integrate state-of-the-art, hands-on technological solutions in the session format. Prepare for an engaging experience!