VG Jaishankar


Hyperlink Brand Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

V.G. Jaishankar is a man that has donned many hats in the experiential space. Playing an important role in consistently achieving his respective revenue targets in various corporates and strengthening operations, he has also been responsible for the development of new verticals within organizations, expanding into new markets and investing into the inclusion of technology to create a different experiential business space. Jaishankar has scaled across various organizations such as The Times Group, the Kuoni Travel Group, Zee Network Limited, The Future Group and Fountainhead Entertainment Private Limited. With Hyperlink, he aims to lookout for talent that is constantly thinking out-of-the-box and aspires to harness the power of imagination and bring it to reality. In his free time, Jaishankar loves to exercise his star power as a musician and singer. His mottos are completely in line with that of Hyperlinks, simply being, he loves what he does!