Sushil Shamlal Wadhwa

Founder & CMD

Platinum World Grroup

Sushil is a Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Top 100 Influencer, Passionate Entrepreneur, Health Enthusiast, Events & Celebrations Expert, TV Host & Growth Advisor.
He is an Advisor to Lifestyle Brands, Tourism Boards and Hotels on how to attract the Multi Million Dollar Luxury Celebrations business.

He has travelled to more than 590 Destinations in 78 Countries and stayed at over 1200 Luxury Hotels, making him an authority in Luxury Celebrations & Travel. He has his own show called, ‘Celebrating Life with Sushil Shamlal Wadhwa’, on ‘Platinum World TV’ YouTube Channel.

He founded ‘Platinum World Grroup’ in 2002, and has since helped the company build an associate network spread across 500+ destinations in 100+ countries that collectively handle a business of over USD 5 Billion. PWG has successfully executed 1000s of projects in 80 countries, under his stewardship, delighting over half a million people.