Shuchir Suri


Food Talk India

Shuchir Suri has been a major contributor to changing the food and beverage landscape of India.
He co-founded Food Talk India, the country’s first and largest digital food community of half a million food lovers. It has been making waves in the country’s burgeoning food scenario, pioneering a new trend of real time recommendations generated from real food experiences.
Further, he co-founded Gin Explorers Club, an IP of Food Talk India. It is now the largest Cocktail Festival in the country. Through Gin Explorers Club, Shuchir has successfully created a platform for gin, food and music lovers to come together to experience homegrown gins in all their glory.
It doesn’t end there. His interest in the beverage space and his zeal to create clean, better-for-you products for the conscious consumer led him to build Jade Forest, a premium beverage brand that he co-founded in 2019. Jade Forest is now one of the fastest growing beverage brands in India and has raised two rounds of funding till date.
Charismatic and infamous for his opinions, Shuchir is an aspirational figure and social influencer, followed by over a 100 thousand people.