Roshan Abbas

Managing Director

Geometry Global Encompass Network

As a conscious innovator, Roshan Abbas leads the team at Geometry Global Encompass to routinely pull off the seemingly impossible, aka 8 IPL opening ceremonies in 10 days, the BRICS summit, the India Africa Summit, the South Asian Games; all while managing the BTL portfolio of over 80 of India’s top companies. As an incurable creative mentor, he plays Bhishma Pitamah to the young team that leads the agency and the CEO Sukrit Singh. The culture at the agency flows from the persona of Roshan who has spent two decades gathering domain expertise in radio, television, theatre, events, Bollywood and BTL. Friend to the industry, mentor to many and a talent hothouse, Roshan Abbas is a firm believer in the theory that the long-term is getting increasingly shorter – and therefore engages in something new every year. Fueled by his insatiable appetite to learn and innovate, Roshan entered the event management and communication arena in 1997, and set out to provide an all-encompassing service to clients. That’s how Encompass Events was born. In 2008 under his leadership Encompass partnered with WPP under the JWT brand, but being the eternal builder in 2015, he had Encompass enter an association with Geometry Global, the world’s largest activation agency. GGE has emerged as the biggest agency in India in billings, portfolio, and ambition.