Richard Neville

CEO and Designer


Richard is a leading lighting, visual and production designer with a diverse portfolio of work over twenty years spanning entertainment, architectural, special event, corporate and light art markets. His design work can be seen in the largest arenas and stadiums on world tours with Ricky Martin, The Backstreet Boys and China’s G.E.M., or at light festivals ranging from Vivid Sydney to trails across the Northern Hemisphere at Christmastime. Outside traditional venues, Richards designs have broken records at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, illuminated the world’s tallest building at New Year’s Eve on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, lit the MacDonnell Ranges in outback Australia for Alice Spring’s Parrtjima festival and redefined the architecture of the Auckland Harbour Bridge with a permanent lighting installation featuring over 100,000 lights.
Richard is the founder and CEO of Mandylights, Asia Pacific’s first entertainment design company that began in 2006 and today employs some forty-five staff across offices in Australia and the United Kingdom. Today, Mandylights is the largest company of its kind in the region and has delivered light-based projects in over sixty-five countries.