Ranjani Krishnaswamy

General Manager - Marketing

Titan Company Limited

As the head of marketing at Tanishq (India’s leading Jewellery Brand) today, I pride myself of having created a winning team, a team that has championed and forayed many a progressive narrative on the modern Indian woman, essaying her journey of confidence, grace, spirit and strive. In a category that is rooted in tradition while equally being global in lifestyle expressions, Tanishq has successfully created a differentiated point of view on women, a perspective on their life and their relationship with jewellery.
My baptism into Marketing started in the most pristine institution – Hindustan Unilever Limited, where I saw myself grow from a rookie to a successful business leader having led both sales and marketing teams. From an Areas Sales & Customer manager to managing Lever’s first foray into Health service with Ayush Therapy Centers to the Regional Role in SEA and the Global role on Dove in the United States, Levers allowed me to explore shores, people, ethnicities, appreciating the homogeneity of mankind and the diversity of cultures.
From CPG at Levers to Media at Hindustan Times to managing a 250 year old brand like Yardley, my tryst with marketing has been replete with rich and nuanced experiences of managing new and legacy brands. Prior to joining Titan as Head of marketing, I had a short stint at being an independent marketing consultant working with a spectrum of nimble start-ups