Rajesh Varma


CRI Events Pvt. Ltd.

Rajesh Varma is a 1st generation Enterpreneur and an alumni of Xaviers delhi, right from his school college days the stage always attracted him and he was an avid debater & heavily into dramatics, directing and acting in one act plays. It was only natural for him to foray into the business of event management and thus 23 ago CRI Events Pvt Ltd ( aka Curtain Raisers Inc) was created, today it is one of the foremost event enterprises of India with a footprint across the globe having designed and executed events in almost 18 countries. He is a founder member of EEMA ( event & entertainment management association ) the apex body of the experiential industry and has played the role of General Secretary and Treasurer of the association and has been one of people responsible for the growth of the industry at large. He is a partner at one of the biggest wedding events in Asia called ICWF ( International Convention of the Wedding Fratenity ), a B2B wedding event experience. As part of his community service he is also a Support Ambassador with BNI Gurgaon, and has been a member of BNI for 6 years. An avid reader and music lover, his mantra of life is “ live & let live.