Rachna Khanna

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

The Purple Tab

Meet Rachna Khanna, an experienced marketing leader, with over 24 years of proven success in crafting and executing dynamic marketing strategies across diverse industries. With a rich background spanning corporate and agency environments, her proficiency extends across a wide spectrum of marketing channels, including traditional, digital and social media, events and IP-based initiatives, and using conversational AI & ML for brand advantage. An IIM A and NYU alumnus, she has had the privilege of creating and implementing innovative marketing strategies and campaigns for prominent Fortune 500 companies as well as up and coming start-ups.
Rachna is currently the Co-founder & Managing Partner at The Purple Tab, a new age fractional marketing firm focused on offering skills and solutions for the evolving business needs of growth stage companies. A practicing life and leadership coach, Rachna is also an AI and mar-tech enthusiast, an active industry mentor and a committed DEI advocate.