Prairna Khuller


Eventz Inspired

With a Corporate banking background of working for over 10 years with the fortune 3 companies of the world – GE Capital, American Express and HSBC Global.

Prairna has managed to put a streamlined process of crafting an event in a structured manner and Eventzinspired was started 4 years ago by her after being in the events business for 7 years, to execute the same.

“Extraordinary celebrations don’t just happen they are meticulously planned and safely executed”.

The team have been planning, organizing and executing destination weddings for over 7 years now, with young, dynamic, talented professionals who have successfully worked in many destinations in India and abroad.

Some of the strengths include:-

1. Experience in Destination Indian weddings, Social Events and Luxury corporate events.

2. 2 WOW awards recognised by KPMG India Gold for “The Best Wedding Celebrations” year 2019-2020 and Silver “The Best Social event” 2019-2020

3. ICWF Gold for “The Best Wedding Reception 2017-18.”

4. Our work has been constantly recognized by the media, press and the wedding fraternity

5. Client centricity and transparency being the key to delivery.

6. Our Clients and their testimonials after each and every event.

7. Last ones to do a 700 plus pax wedding in ITC Royal Bengal Kolkata end of Feb beginning March 2020 just before Lock down

8. The First In The Industry to Restart Social events post Covid or the day Covid approved events were sanctioned 13th of June 2020 itself.

9. Did 9 weddings in and throughout Covid era including the destination wedding in Udaipur Udaivilas and Trident combination during Lock Down.

10. The first to plan an International Destination Wedding In Turkey, Istanbul January 2022 post Covid era.

11. Represented in various International forums in the wedding and event space.

Our clients and their experience is Eventzinspired :

1. Luxor Pens – Wedding Planning for Ms Pooja Jain, Managing Director of Luxor Pens. It was one of the biggest weddings in New Delhi October, 2017.Delhi

2. Modi Industries – We handle luxury events as a consultant directly for Mr. Samir Modi, Chairman of The Modi Group. Delhi

3. Accord Capital – Wedding Planning Company for Mr. Karan Mehta, son of Mr. Girish Mehta, Director – Accord Capital and one of the most recognized and respected families of Kolkata. It was the biggest wedding in Kolkata in 2018 with 4 days of gala celebrations at the ITC.Kolkata

4. Siddha Group – Luxury Event Planner for Mr. Ayushman Jain’s engagement, son of Mr Sanjay Jain, Managing Director Siddha Group.

5. Damodar Valley Projects – The Luxury Event Planner for Ms. Chamaria, daughter of Mr. & Mrs Aditya and Sunira Chamaria, for their daughter’s engagement at Hyatt, Kolkata.

6. Shyam Infra Steel – We plan and execute all their luxury events and corporate events too, the MD of the Company is Mr.Bhushan Agarwal.

7. Anamika Khanna Fashions – We are the only Company who produces her designs in the décor space. Last work done for her family was a Gala celebration in May, 2018, a 2 night 3 day event for the 50th wedding anniversary of her parents at the Taj Bengal, Kolkata.

8. Dollar Industries – Mr. Ankit Gupta, Director of this giant Industry set up, we did the planning, production and execution of his wedding as his chosen planner at Sun Way lagoon, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia followed by his sister’s wedding last year in December, 2020 though the pandemic.

9. Turtle Shirts – Founder/ Chairman Mr. Sanjay Jhunjhunwaala is our most supportive client and brand ambassador to our work and delivery for years today where the relationship began with his chosen Wedding Planner for his daughter’s wedding with Malaysia being the destination. We also do all their corporate international events year on year.

10. Gem Plaza – based out of Jaipur, the second biggest uncut precious stones suppliers to the world. We did Sakhil Dhadhas wedding 4 years ago in Jaipur . Organising Camel Polo in their private farm house to Lawazma baraat at the JECC Convention centre, decorating royally 1,10,000 sq ft space, we have the most dependable relationship today as a family And thus executed the youngest son’s wedding in Udaipur April 2021 with a buyout of Udaivillas and Trident Oberoi, Udaipur.

11. Bandhan Bank – We were honoured and privileged to plan, produce and execute the 25th anniversary of Mr.& Mrs. Chandra Shekhar and Neelima Ghosh, Founder/ Owner and Chairman of Bandhan Bank, their most special occasion in recent times with a guest list of more than 1500 dignitaries.

13. MSP Steel – based in Kolkata with Mr. Pranay Agarwal being the shareholder and Director of this integrated Steel Plant and captive power, were their chosen Wedding Company to completely handle Hospitality and Logistics for his Wedding at Jodhpur. We had a full buy out of Umaid Bhawan, Ajit Bhawan and ITC for a 3 nights celebration.

14. Ambani Wedding Udaipur – we were the only company which was flown down from Kolkata for hospitality of the mega Sangeet 3 day event for the biggest tycoon of India’s wedding celebration.

15. Damador Yarns – 2nd May 2021, when lock down was announced in Kolkata city, we were parallely executing the wedding of Anuj Biyani, son and owner of Damodar yarns, Mumbai who was marrying a girl from Kolkata in a 2 night 3 day celebration planned at executed at The ITC Royal Bengal.

In the Covid era on 13th of June 2020, which was the day social events got sanction in Kolkata to begin social events, we pioneered social events by the executing our first safe Covid-free social function at the ITC Royal Bengal following the new governance, safety and regulations as per new event laws. Thereafter, we have been involved with a lot of families, through these difficult times to help them in planning their social events and weddings in these special times. As a matter of fact from last year to now, that is considered as covid year, we have already done 9 weddings through it including 2 destinations and rest in Kolkata ITC Royal Bengal.

Proficient in managing and supervising all requirements related to social luxury celebrations and Indian weddings.