Poonam Lal

Managing Director

Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd

Poonam Lal is an entrepreneur with a rich and varied experience of 30 years across diverse roles and industries. She is a passionate and driven leader who actively advocates Purpose, People, Planet and Profits.

A multi-faceted personality, Poonam believes in maximizing her potential and utilizing her skills to their best across all her varied roles.
Whether it’s the challenging role of being a mother of 3, her entrepreneurial role as Managing Director of Marketing Solutions, or shouldering the responsibility of women empowerment and safety through her role as Chair of We Care at the event industry’s apex body, EEMA – she wears each of these crowns with equal passion and pride.

A major in English Literature, Poonam graduated summa cum laude from Manipur University. She started her career as a journalist in the North East before moving to Delhi; gaining experience and exposure to diverse businesses and industries at various levels. From an international trade fair management company, to an advertising agency, to revamping Appu Ghar, India’s first and largest amusement park, Poonam learnt invaluable skills along the way. She found her métier in brand marketing, international liaising, advertising, sponsorships, cause marketing, PR and experiential events.

Today, Poonam co-owns Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd, a leading experiential marketing firm with an enviable portfolio of global clients, headquartered in Delhi.

Marketing Solutions has earned a sterling reputation as a high-quality boutique agency, known for its conceptual design excellence. For 15 years, the agency has curated purposeful and award-winning product launches and experiences for global brands including Apple, Volvo, Panasonic, Benetton, JBL, Levi’s, Godrej, OPPO, Toshiba, LG and Hero, amongst others.
As the Managing Director of Marketing Solutions, she leads from the front by developing new business, and nurturing it with excellent PR and networking capabilities. She’s a master at understanding brands and their growth goals; applying unique creative sensibility to turn briefs into winning ideas and experiences.
Being a feminist, she believes that women should pursue careers because it gives them confidence, independence and adds to their self-worth. She is a true example of the notion that working mothers nurture independent and strong children; a fact reflected in her 3 children.
Poonam is passionate about women’s upliftment and safety. This passion is translated into action with her role as Chair of We Care, the Gender Equality portfolio for EEMA, the Event & Entertainment Management Association that works for the safety of women in events as well as their empowerment and mentorship.
Poonam is a true advocate of philosopher Rousseau’s theory that people are inherently good. To further this theory into practice, Poonam initiated an IP called Be Good – a social community that focuses on important trending and topical issues every year to bring about change though constructive efforts. The first 2 chapters were BeGood #ForHer, on women’s safety, and BeGood #ForEarth on sustainability. BeGood #ForManipur, the last chapter, focused on raising awareness about the north east states and raising funds for Covid Relief work in Manipur. While BeGood is a property nurtured by her, she also contributes her time and skills for other initiatives that resonate with her.