Neeta Raheja


Longform India

Neeta Raheja is a multifaceted woman whose immense love for Indian culture and heritage has been the driving force behind her innovative communication strategies. With a master’s degree in mass communication, specializing in wedding management from New York, USA, she comes with three decades of expertise as a communication specialist.

Neeta was one of the first people to bring the concept of wedding management to India and has played a significant role in revolutionizing the Indian wedding industry. As a nationally recognized wedding consultant, she has diverse experience in organizing and guiding many traditional and unique weddings nationally and internationally. She believes that a perfect wedding is a harmonious blend of luxury and sophistication. Neeta is the Co-Founder of Longform, a prestigious Luxury & Lifestyle Communications firm representing renowned clients such as India Art Fair, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Serendipity Arts Foundation, Bhutan Literature Festival, Bihar Museum Biennale, DIOR, Sabyasachi, Rahul Misra, and many others. Her authenticity lies in her unwavering commitment to using communication as an effective tool to tell India’s cultural story to the world. The prestigious FICCI-FLO has also recognised Neeta’s significant contribution and honoured her with ‘Celebrating Craft, Culture and Community’.

Neeta Raheja also serves as an advisor to various organisations and initiatives:

– Artists in Residency program, Varanasi hosted by Art Beyond Borders.
– Art Ichol, a creative escape in Maihar, Madhya Pradesh.
– CEF (Complete Education Foundation) – Promoting educational initiatives to uplift underprivileged children through quality education.
– Wedding Sutra – Neeta also plays a crucial role as a jury member for the Wedding Sutra Awards, where her expertise helps recognize and celebrate excellence in the wedding industry.