Mukesh Jain

Joint Vice President - Marcom

Havells India

Meet the marketing maestro of the 21st century, a legend in his field who has surpassed the highest peaks of excellence and continues to leave his mark on the industry. He is the Joint Vice President – Marcom of Havells India Ltd and has been serving this position with absolute perfection for over 30 years.

His expertise in various fields such as Media, Brand Management, External and Internal Communication, Retail Execution, Below Line Activations, and Team Management is nothing short of remarkable. He has been one of the key contributors to Havells’ remarkable growth in the country over the past few years.

This marketing genius is not just a strategic planner, but also a master implementer, executing effective marketing and communication initiatives to support organizational growth. As a team leader, he has proven skills in managing and motivating teams to achieve business and individual goals.

He is a true inspiration for every marketer out there, a living example of how dedication, hard work, and strategic planning can take you to the top.