Monica Balli

Founder & CE

Monica Balli Events by Lime SRL

Hey there, it’s Monica Balli, a proud Tuscan blending the charm of my birthplace with an international flair. I’m on a perpetual journey of curiosity, with a passport that tells tales of my love for travel. Destination Events Production and Industry speaker is my playground, where I sprinkle a dash of wisdom and a pinch of curiosity to spark the joy of producing events.
For two decades, we’ve specialized in crafting and executing destination events, with a keen focus on Europe & the Mediterranean. Our expertise lies in serving international clients and partners, emphasizing the pivotal role of strong connections in our success.
Whether I’m exploring new destinations or infusing a personal twist into everything I do, rest assured, a luxury mindset accompanies me. Why? Because I believe in being my first client – indulging in life’s adventures with a mindset that’s as rich as Tuscany’s vineyards. Join me on this delightful escapade, where we embrace the world with open arms and a luxurious mindset & heart!”
My mantra in life? Simple:
Walk with my head held high.
Sleep on two pillows.
Be happy and savor life every day.