Mike Murali

Chief Fun Officer & Senior Director Marketing

Capgemini in India

Ever heard of someone who makes others smile for a living? No no I am not talking about Charlie Chaplin or a Monk…but about a corporate monk who’s only job is to make others happy?

Meet India’s first Chief Fun Officer Mike Murali!

Mike Murali is the Chief Fun Officer and Senior Director Marketing at Capgemini Technology Services India. Murali has over 22 years of Industry experience spanning end to end corporate Marketing roles globally. At Capgemini, Mike Murali, heads, Employee Engagement, Internal Communication for India and the Centre Heads Organization.

As the Chief Fun officer, Murali innovates on path braking ideas to create new benchmarks in Employee Engagement for the 185000 plus employees at Capgemini India. Murali played a key role in ideating and implementing 2 big ideas to get Capgemini into the coveted Guinness Book of Records for 2 years in a row. Mike Murali also enabled Capgemini plant 100000 trees in India by performing music for 100000 continuous seconds through his music band Rubberband.