Lubaina Sheerazi

CEO & Co-founder


Lubaina is the CEO and Co-founder of BRANDit, a company that excels in destination marketing and creating avant-garde campaigns for tourism boards and hospitality brands. With a distinctive career spanning merchandising, learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry, and then deep-diving into travel and tourism, has given Lubaina a broad perspective. With the right business acumen and vision, Lubaina has a sound understanding of what makes people and brands tick. An innovative outlook and risk-taking ability have always given her strategies a creative edge, resulting in remarkable results across brands. She has many successful stories to share, from branding destinations like Oman and Azerbaijan to regenerating Seychelles in India and successfully weaving a positive narrative for Israel, the list of achievements is limitless. She believes that an organization’s true foundation is not just its leader, but the team as a whole. As a trailblazer, Lubaina believes in empowering each individual by honing their skills and helping them recognize their full potential in creating value and delivering results, not towards clients alone, but themselves too.