Jueta Hemdev


Yolo Entertainment and Weddings

Jueta Hemdev, the founder of YOLO entertainment and weddings is a powerhouse of talent. She brings nothing short of enthusiasm, creativity, patience, dynamism and dedication to every event she organises. She believes in curating weddings that seamlessly harmonise with a couple’s taste and preferences. At the same time, she ensures to weave exclusivity into every aspect of the planning and execution. She ensures to build a strong connect with every couple and generates exquisite themes rooted from unique ideas. She understands client choices well enough to create an event that’s not just suave but also resonates with the couple and reflects their personalities. No wonder YOLO weddings infuses a fresh touch in every wedding, turning it into a series of magical and unforgettable moments for the couples. Apart from the brand’s attention to detail, it also blends tradition with modernity. It is this dynamic approach that makes YOLO weddings stand apart from the rest. YOLO weddings will make your picture-perfect wedding dream come true with a highly personalized approach!