Florian Weber, MBA


Concept Solutions

With a career span of over 15 years as the CEO of Concept Solutions, the largest among several companies he leads, Florian Weber has been a driving force behind its transformation into a leader in innovation and a globally recognized name in the event technology industry. His journey in the field began in his youth, where he started as a DJ, blending his passion for music with an innate curiosity for event technology. This combination of interests led him to gradually master and incorporate various trades into his professional repertoire.
Under Florian Weber’s leadership, Concept Solutions has not only expanded its operational footprint but has also pioneered numerous technological advancements, setting new industry standards for creativity, efficiency, and excellence.
As he continues to lead the company into new markets and further technological explorations, Florian’s journey from a DJ to a revered industry leader exemplifies the power of combining one’s passion with professional ambition.