Dr.Rinkle Sangoi Kapoor

Founding Director


Dr. Rinkle Kapoor, a vibrant blend of medical know-how and marketing savvy, championing innovation and quality. Starting her journey in medicine, she uncovered a knack for marketing. Now, at Éclat, her brainchild agency, she simplifies marketing and customer experience for global impact.
Dr. Rinkle Kapoor leads a talented team at Éclat, excelling at Video Productions, Performance Marketing, Mainline Advertising, Digital Marketing, Event Management, and Experience Curation. Serving a diverse clientele across domestic and international markets, Éclat delivers exceptional effective experiences under Dr. Rinkle’s guidance.
Rooted in her diverse upbringing and fueled by a passion for change, she crafts tailored solutions for brands to shine. Driven by creativity and a thirst for excellence, Rinkle’s story is a testament to the power of combining expertise with relentless determination.