Dhaval Chandarana



A wedding and events industry veteran with 20+ years of planning and execution of grand scale weddings and special celebrations, Dhaval Chandrana is known to pull off the most mammoth of weddings with utmost ease and always delivers on time, regardless of the scale or location.
Delivering unique experiences and spectacular out-of-the-box solutions are primary attributes of our work and he is purely driven and motivated by his “PASSION” for the work he does.
His timely deliveries are backed by meticulous planning, pro-active communication, an eye for detail & and in-depth knowledge of his craft (be it creative, planning, hospitality, entertainment or production) and he always “DELIVERS with a SMILE”.
Known to help everyone, be it Industry folks (colleagues and competitors), Suppliers and Team members. He ensures that his teams are comfortable and they trust him a 100% be it assistance at work or guidance in life !

Work with a never say NO attitude and believes in IMPOSSIBLE is nothing