Carissa Nimah

Chief Marketing Officer

Bhutan Tourism

Carissa Nimah is the Chief Marketing Officer for the Department of Tourism – Bhutan, responsible for the ongoing development, promotion and positioning of tourism in the Himalayan Kingdom.

Prior to moving to Bhutan, Carissa was based in Asia for eight years and was the Guardian of the Brand (Chief Commercial Officer) for a global luxury hospitality brand with resorts in Thailand and the Maldives, where she oversaw their sales, marketing, revenue and reservations teams globally. Before that, she was in the UAE for a decade, working in luxury jewellery and PR and communications.

Originally a journalist before moving into marketing and sales, Carissa has spent almost 20 years working for some of the world’s top luxury brands, and is personally motivated by creativity, purpose and ethical business. She holds a Masters degree in Strategic Marketing, as well as two undergraduate degrees in Politics and Journalism from Australian universities. She is now studying law part-time.

Carissa lives in Thimphu, Bhutan with her husband and daughter, and has previously lived and worked in Australia, Ireland, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand. She has a German Shephard and English Cocker spaniel, as well as a lazy cat. She is a keen motorcycle rider and enjoys discovering the Himalayas on two wheels, as well as travel, hiking, reading and yoga.