Annu Anand

Chief Catalyst & Managing Director

A for pineapple

A champion of curating bespoke experiences, he has given the experiential industry a new dimension with more than 22 years of event management experience.
Having handled a plethora of prestigious events in the experiential domain he is a well known name in the fraternity.

A pioneer with a rich experience in the business of creating experiences, he manages and implements business strategies with a lucid vision to achieve. He knows how to translate visions into creative renditions that produces positive results.

He is one of the founder members and has played the trailblazer as the General Secretary of EEMA. He has administered a steady growth of the association over a decade.

He has had one of the longest and most influential presence in the association and has been instrumental in bringing together the stakeholders of the experiential industry on a common platform. He has won numerous industry awards in the experiential domain.