Abhishek Sharma

Co-Founder and Chairman


Abhishek Sharma, The Co-Founder, and Chairman of Akkado is a man with a mission to make it large in life and create an ecosystem that changes the perspective of the world. The core values and morals he has grown up with are the motivating factors that keep him going. With the magnitude of his dreams reaching for the sky inspired him to break the shackles and take his leap. The onus was on him to make it big in life and fulfill all his dreams.
With an eye to pick up the right talent for the job is one of his key strengths.

He entered into the industry and started creating unforgettable experiences for his clients and consumers all around the world. It was like a phoenix rising from the ashes to reach for the heights. He wanted to explore many aspects that help the brand & the client to grow. A 360-degree solution for the clients that gives them a panoramic view of their brand. Along with focusing on merchandising, events & activations, he introduced loyalty & Engagement department that widened the horizon and gave a perspective to the client to ring-fence its customers.

Having an in-house Travel Company to manage the travel logistics is like having a specialty that would make Akkado stand out from the rest. His way of thinking after understanding the new trends and social swag bags of the industry inspired him to introduce Audio & Visual segment that would help in translating the idea into a visual spectacle. Having farsightedness, the strength to let go of failures by learning a lesson from them and a strong hold over his work have made Abhishek what he is today.
Success Mantra: ‘Innovation and not imitation is the key motto and driving force for everyone at Akkado. We preach and practice the art of innovation for all our clients and provide them with innovative solutions at each step.’