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While the Experiential Marketing industry continues to evolve through innovation; opportunities for growth and development in the Experiential Marketing space are also evolving. Challenges in growth are no longer restricted to that essential foot in the door with corporates, but instead are based on pitch-winning ideas, newer stakeholder networks, neighbouring markets, and believe it or not, specialisations!

The ExM Summit attempts to exploit these very ideas, and showcase where the next spurt of growth for this industry lies.

June 24, 2016
Market insights 2016 - venue: ballroom

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Welcome Address
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Speaker Roshan Abbas View Profile
By Roshan Abbas on behalf of Event and Entertainment Management Association of India (EEMA)
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Key-Note Session
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Speaker Daniel Comar View Profile
Endless Possibilities; Unlimited Effectiveness: The True Potential of Experiential Marketing

Does your brand have the guts to see past product sales and brand awareness? Create change, influence behaviour, be remembered forever!

A session designed to open your mind to the endless possibilities of an experiential campaign. Stretching your imagination, widening your horizons of the capabilities of an engagement. You’ll never limit your expectations of an experiential marketing programme, ever again!
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Experience as a tool for Nation Building
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Moderator Sukrit Singh View Profile
Speaker Joy Bhattacharjya View Profile
Speaker Vani Tripathy Tikoo View Profile
Speaker Arvind Gupta View Profile
In the past decade we have seen a complete swing in the brand equity of India – from negative to positive. With the advent of PM Narendra Modi - a master of harnessing the power of experience, from the creation of events like Vibrant Gujarat; supporting infrastructure projects like Mahatma Mandir, Ahmedabad; the memorable Holographic Projection during his election campaign; or even the micro outreach effort like 'Chai pe Charcha'. He has mastered every format of experiential – mega to micro.

- The Nation is now awakening to the power of experience with investment summits, cultural festivals, tourism fairs and trade shows.
- The past two years have also broken the myth – that treading the Government path is fraught with corruption. There is a transparency and a respect for professionalism and award on merit.
- The onus and responsibility in now on the experiential industry to partner in Nation building, with the unique opportunity to create their own legacy!
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Analysis and Findings of the First-Ever ‘Future Trends in Experiential Marketing’ Survey
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Curator Mike Van Der Vijver View Profile
Participant Sanjeev Pasricha View Profile
Participant Amit Tiwari View Profile
Participant Mahesh Kanchan View Profile
Participant Alexander Valladares View Profile
Participant Parmesh Shahani View Profile
Participant Sevantika Bhandari View Profile
Participant Prashant Sukhwani View Profile
Participant Neeren Tiwari View Profile
Participant Ankit Dhingra View Profile
Participant Saurabh Gupta View Profile
Participant Shobha Vasudevan View Profile
Participant Ashish Tiwari View Profile
Participant Satish Upadhyay View Profile
If you’re wondering how much ExM budget for the most happening brands in India and around the globe, are going to be affected in the near future; how the use of digital platforms will evolve; or what the role of technology in future engagements will be? Think no further, for the top marketers themselves, will reveal these.

This session will feature the outcomes of EVENTFAQS and CS Direkt’s ‘Future Tends in ExM’ survey into the prevalence of experiential marketing amongst your peers. However, instead of broadcasting the outcomes, they will be communicated in unexpected ways and then elaborated by the audience itself. This specially designed session is a unique example of the innovative formats developed by the meeting designers of MindMeeting from the Netherlands. Together with their Indian partners of SEES they will integrate state-of-the-art, hands-on technological solutions in the session format. Prepare for an engaging experience!
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CS Direkt
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Dubai Business Exchange: Opportunities for Market Expansion / Enhancement
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Moderator Brian Tellis View Profile
Speaker Steen Jakobsen View Profile
Speaker Mohomed Morani View Profile
Speaker Rajesh Kejriwal View Profile
Speaker Deepak Choudhary View Profile
Riding the waive of the Expo 2020 action! Learn about the unique opportunities that Dubai as a market can offer to IPs and Event owners, while also understanding the realities and opportunities in expanding to this extremely exciting next door market!
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The Experiential Dictate for Auto Brands
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Moderator John Tulloch View Profile
Panelist Rasheed Sait View Profile
Panelist Rohit Issac View Profile
Panelist Rajeev Malik View Profile
Panelist Anish Arora View Profile
Panelist Anirudh Lamba View Profile
3 commandments to guarantee customer loyalty through engagement

If your experience strategy does not feature these three key components, you can rest assured your auto brand has not a single loyal customer! Auto-industry Experiential Expert, John Tulloch will explain why?

Global Account Director and Sr. VP, George P Johnson Experience Marketing, John brings with him 35 years of experience, with a special expertise working with every kind of automobile brand across the globe!

Panel Discussion: How are auto-brands creating differentiation amongst close competitors, thus winning customer loyalty?

- What are the efforts specifically to engage audiences that belong uniquely to your brand and cannot be replicated by your closest competitor?
- In the international markets (UK and USA, since they are most evolved) auto-brands have adopted certain experiential strategies, where are brands in the Indian market, as far as such evolutions go?
- What are the biggest challenges for an automobile brand to win customer loyalty through engagement? How can these be overcome?
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24th June - Digital is increasingly important to Engagement. But what exactly is considered effective digital integration?
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Speaker Mandeep Malhotra View Profile
Lessons from Award-winning case studies in Digital Integrations, curated uniquely for WOW delegates by Mandeep Malhotra, Founder & Director, Social Street.

If anyone understands what is award-winning about a campaign, Mandeep does!
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24th June - How a Convention Bureau can help evolve your MICE programmes, and your Business!
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Curator Verena Jandak-Hollenthoner View Profile
Participant Vishal Dhale View Profile
Participant Abhishek Kumar View Profile
Participant Oum Pradutt View Profile
Participant Vinod Janardhan View Profile
Learning from the most progressive Convention Bureaus: Vienna CVB, Berlin CVB and Barcelona CVB

The objective of the session is to create an in-depth education amongst Indian MICE planners, on the value-addition a CVB can bring to their programmes.

Practical examples for planners on how to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and information available with CVBs.

A few tips for Indian planners on how they can work together with a CVB to build new ideas, projects in their business.

What not to expect from a CVB. Keeping it real!

Learning on working with the Indian market and how it has evolved over the last 5 years.

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Vienna CVB
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24th June - What is Meeting Design?
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Speaker Mike Van Der Vijver View Profile
Speaker Nitin Sharma View Profile
Was the session on Future Experiential Marketing Trends a good starter to whet your appetite? Are you eager to learn more about the new profession of Meeting Design? Do you want to quench your thirst for knowledge about effective meeting programmes that accomplish demonstrable change?

Then this is the session you want to attend.

Nitin Sharma of SEES and MindMeeting’s Mike van der Vijver from the Netherlands will shed light on meetings as a specific form of communications and how well-structured Meeting Design can dramatically improve the quality of meeting programmes. One hour, dense with content and experiences that will change the way you think about meetings.

The reference for this session is the seminal book “Into the Heart of Meetings, Basic Principles of Meeting Design.”
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25th June - 10 reasons why you won't think beyond Barcelona for your next Corporate MICE programme
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Curator Elena Altemir View Profile
Participant Kashyap Biyani View Profile
Participant Sushil Shamlal Wadhwa View Profile
Participant Vishal Aneja View Profile
Participant Arun Prakash View Profile
Elena Altemir, of the Barcelona Convention Bureau has been working with the Indian MICE market for over 5 years now, and she get's the pulse of the market! What can make or break a corporate Incentive, what venues can add the essential 'wow factor' to any gala event, why certain team building exercises work better for Indian groups than others.

Once you've graduated from this workshop, you won't only have the most essential pitch-winning ideas for Barcelona and the region around, you will also be equipped with the amazing tools to execute your programmes in the most cost effective manner, while still adding immense value to your participants!

Joining Elena in this Workshop is Oscar De Dalmases, Sales Manager of Pullman Barcelona, to share learnings from working with Indian groups and also some great packages exclusively for delegates of the WOW Convention Asia 2016!

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Rural Marketing is only for the Very Wise!
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Moderator Rajkumar Jha View Profile
Speaker Sanjay Kaul View Profile
Speaker Dalveer Singh View Profile
Speaker Prashant Sukhwani View Profile
Speaker Vijay Sharma View Profile
The evolving mediums in Rural Marketing. Why certain tools work more effectively. How commitment and insight to the market is the only success model.
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Brand launches, and why they have to create buzz!
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Moderator Khantil Mehta View Profile
Speaker Atul Nath View Profile
Speaker Amit Tiwari View Profile
Speaker Neeraj Seth View Profile
Speaker Anirudh Lamba View Profile
There is a unique science behind curating a brand launch, which is not about the unveiling of the product through a turn-table stage. Why PR, Buzz and Media interest need to go hand-in-hand with launches.
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B2B Marketing for brands, can also be Cool!
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Moderator Ankur Kalra View Profile
Speaker Tarun Aggarwal View Profile
Speaker Navneeth Mohan View Profile
Speaker Shobha Vasudevan View Profile
Speaker Manish Bhagat View Profile
Speaker Hanneli Slabber View Profile
Speaker Satish Upadhyay View Profile
How this seemingly dry segment of business network engagement is fast evolving through innovation and creatively engaging programmes. Lessons from benchmarking case studies.

*The above schedule and speakers are subject to change. More details will be added closer to the event date.