The Judging Process of WOW AWARDS ASIA happens in two rounds as follows:

Round 1:
Jury Members screen the entries in their respective Category Group. Every entry is screened by at least 2 Jury members and rated on a scale from 1-10.

The top rated entries in each category make it to the shortlist.

Round 2:
The shortlisted entries are then rated for Gold, Silver and Bronze positions within the specific category. In this round again, at least 2 jury members rate each shortlisted entry.

Following a rating point for Gold, Silver & Bronze the final winners are arrived upon.



1. WOW AWARDS ASIA are independently conducted and managed by EVENTFAQS Media Pvt. Ltd. (The Management)

2. It is the entrant’s (a company or individual who chooses to participate in the awards) responsibility to ensure they have the rights to submit their work and that the work thus submitted is truthfully represented. If it is proved to be otherwise, the entry or subsequent award will be disqualified.

3. Every entry requires a client approval unless stated otherwise. It is the entrant’s responsibility to submit genuine client details. If the same are proved to be in-genuine, the entry or subsequent award will be disqualified.

4. Once submitted, the entry fees is not refundable under any circumstances.

5. All information related to the entries and the process is treated strictly confidential. No parties can request to gain any access to the same. The decision is final and binding. If the above is not acceptable to any party, they should choose not to participate.

6. The terms and conditions may be amended from time to time.

7. The Award categories may be changed/ modified/ split/ merged / increased or cancelled by the Awards management and / or Jury based on the number of entries received in any category, and the quality of the entries or any other reason. The decision in this regard will be final and non-contestable. The management will not entertain any queries in this regard.

8. The management has the rights to reclassify entries across categories

9. Winning and shortlisted entires will be published across various mediums. The management has the right to use the information provided in the entry document for the same. The management also has the right to use the information provided by all entrants for publishing in various mediums. The information is not limited to what is submitted online but also extends to other communication shared via email, etc.

10. The management has the right to disqualify any entry that does not meet the criteria stated across the touch points of the entry process and in the terms & conditions document. An queries in this regard will not be entertained.

11. The management takes no responsibility for incorrect / false information submitted. As stated, if the same is proved, the entry or subsequent winner will be disqualified.

12. By entering the award, the entrant gives full consent to the management in publishing the information across various mediums.

13. If the same event / activity is entered by multiple entrants, the entrants have to resolve who the rightful entrant is or decide to make a joint entry.

14. In case of any dispute, the decision of the management will be final and binding on ALL parties concerned.

15. An dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai Court.

16. Participating in the awards means acceptance of these terms and conditions which may further evolve.

17. The Judging Process may be evolved as deemed necessary. The final decision for the same lies with the management.

18. The management is not responsible for loss of information submitted by entrants on account of any situation.

19. Should an entrant wish to withdraw from the Awards, he / she can inform the Awards management at any time up to one week prior to the final Awards ceremony. No reimbursement/refund of costs borne by the Applicant would be made.

20. The Applicants agree that they shall hold harmless the Awards Management, its employees, officers, contractors, partner or other persons used by them in relation to these Awards and shall defend them against any loss, claim, demands, costs, damages, judgments, expenses or liability arising out of or in connection with any or all claims whether or not groundless, that may be brought against the Awards Management by any third party in connection with participation in or winning the Award.