There are broadly two steps in the entry process:

  • Registering the company as a WOW Awards Asia entrant

  • Submitting entries for the judging process


Registering the company as a WOW Awards Asia entrant

Interested companies can do so by clicking on the ‘REGISTER’ button here or in the menu bar. Once here, register your company and create a login for an account through which all the WOW Award Asia entries of the company can be managed. Each company can have only ONE account, which can be accessed by the login details by various individuals of the company across branch offices.

Once the registration is complete, an e-mail confirming registration will be sent to the applicant’s e-mail address. The account is then active. This is a one-time process. The account will have a list of the categories of the WOW Awards Asia 2015, in which entries can be made.


Submitting entries for the judging process

Once logged in to your account, there are three steps involved in submitting an entry for the judging process:

  1. Registering an entry and seeking client approval
  2. Submitting the Entry Document
  3. Making Payment for Entries


Step 1. Registering an entry and seeking client approval

– Select the category in which an entry needs to be made, and enter the basic details as per the form about the entry in order to register the entry.

– Once an entry is registered, a system generated e-mail will be sent to the Client’s email provided by the entrant, seeking approval on the entry (in case where a client is not involved, key in your own details).

– Each WOW Award Asia entry needs a mandatory approval from the client (wherever an event is executed for an external client) through a ‘reply mail’ from the client’s official e-mail address.

– The process of creating the Entry Document can begin simultaneously. However, the client approval for all entries should come in before the deadline for entry submission.

Note: In the case the applicant is the owner of the property / activity being entered, and there is no relevant ‘client’, please repeat applicant details as client. In the case of an IP, applicants are encouraged to include a ‘sponsor’ / ‘key partner’ in the IP as the ‘client’.

Tip: Register all the entries as early as possible so as to activate the ‘client approval’ process. This will allow you to focus on submitting the entry documents for all the entries that have been registered.


Step 2. Submitting the Entry Document

– This option will be available only after an entry has been registered under a particular category.

– The entry document seeks information on the event/campaign under four key aspects. These aspect differ across category segments.

– 4 images and 2 video links can also be uploaded to support the entry. The images have to be under 1 mb/each .

– Creation of this document can be an ongoing process. Changes and additions can be saved on this page until the entrant is satisfied to ‘Submit’ the document.

– The entry document must be submitted before the deadline. Once submitted, the entry cannot be withdrawn or appended.

– The process of ‘Making Payment’ can begin simultaneously, as entries are registered.

Tip: This is the document that the entry will be judged on. An entrant can log in and save changes as many times as he/she wishes, so do not hesitate to be extremely sure before you hit the ‘Submit’ button.


Step 3. Making Payment

The entry fees for EACH WOW Awards entry is INR 5,000/- (plus 12.36% Service Tax) for Indian companies and USD 100/- (inclusive of taxes) for companies based outside of India.

Mode of payment for Indian Companies:

– The entrant post registration of entries may choose to send individual DDs for each entry or bundled together for multiple entries.

– Untill the DD has been dispatched and received at the EVENTFAQS office, the entry details filled in, will display a ‘Pending Status’.

– Once the DD has been received by the EVENTFAQS office, this status will be changed to ‘Approved’.

– Demand Draft should be in favor of EVENTFAQS Media Pvt. Ltd., payable at Mumbai.

– The Demand Draft should be sent by courier to:

WOW Awards
EVENTFAQS Media Pvt. Ltd.
35/151 Laxmi Industrial Estate,
New Link Road, Andheri West,
Mumbai – 400053
Tel +91 22 26300673 / 26330674

Tip: Finish the Entry Registration & Payment process for all your entries at the earliest so the only thing (and most important) left to submit is the Entry Document.

Mode of payment for companies based outside India:

– The entrant post registration of entries may choose to make payment for each entry or bundled together for multiple entries via Credit Card using the payment gateway.


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